For every $1 in interest you pay, you will be given a piece of ownership in the bank.

Why own the bank?

As the bank grows in size and value, so does the value of your stake. When the bank disburses dividends, you gain cash flow as well!

Why does the bank give you equity?

Web3 is all about giving value back to users and contributors. When you take a loan from the bank, you are strengthening our credit models.

In addition, as an owner of the bank, it's in your best interest to make timely repayments and refer good borrowers!

How does equity disbursement work?

Your ownership of the banking protocol is denoted in $PATH of which there is a limited supply.

When the protocol launches, you can trade $PATH or hold it as your proof of ownership of the protocol.

You only get $PATH when you repay your loan on time.

We grow, you grow.


Equity unlock

Based on your loan size, we estimate how much equity you can own. The more timely payments you make, the more you unlock.

Earning Model

This is how your fees will convert to equity with timely repayment.


thousands of gamers in revolutionising banking, for gamers.

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