The easiest way to build credit in the new economy

5score allows your credit score to exist in both the web2 and web3 (blockchain) world. Today, your financial actions in web3 does not build up your credit profile, preventing you from accessing good credit in the web2 world and vice versa.

5score combines web2 credit data with web3 on-chain AI analytics to create a comprehensive and fair credit score for you.

The best part? It's super easy to build it up with Path Finance through our Credit Quests.


5core 5core


Complete each optional quest in the 5core section



Pay back cash advance on time



Path links up with credit bureaus in your country to improve your web2 credit score

Your Credit Matters

Your credit history is a record of your loans and lines of credit and your ability to pay those back. Adding and using lines of credit by borrowing money and paying it back on time is a key part of building your credit history—as well as your overall financial health.

Unlocking your credit potential now can open countless doors in the future. It could help you finance a car or home, get better interest rates, upgrade your credit card, and more.

We help you build, across both worlds...

We're the first banking app that helps you build a credit score across the new web3 economy and current web2 national credit bureaus. Now every time you pay back a Cash Advance on time, your national credit bureaus will recognise your good behaviour.

When you win in web3, you also win in web2!

...and it is really easy

We highly encourage your to go through each of the optional quest items and complete them at your own convenience.


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